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Inkbleat began in 2012 under the name Kristin Lamb Design. Really just looking for a cute name to put on the back of invitations our Founder was designing for friends and family, she didn't realize it would turn into a business. When that thought became a reality, Kristin made herself a promise: Kristin Lamb Design would get a serious makeover if it survived it's first three years. 


When it came time to make the change, Kristin found herself so busy with clients that she couldn't sit down and come up with her new name. She brought Don in to help with customer service and thought about what direction to take the company. 


So what's in a name? It was important to keep lambs in the culture. (Lamb is the family name of the flock here). Kristin wanted her name out of it though. She wanted to give the company room to grow, and didn't think the current name and branding encouraged that growth. After some serious Googling of lambs and asking for help, Inkbleat appeared in Kristin's inbox one morning. She could immediately picture the inkblotted sheep as the logo, and knew the next generation of the company was here.


Welcome to Inkbleat, y'all.

Kristin Kozel

Founder & Creative Director

Don Lamb

Sales & Customer Service

Kristin founded the company in 2012, where it began as a wedding invitation design company and has grown into a wide variety of custom invitations and corporate clients. 

Don is really the head sheep with the brains around Inkbleat. While Kristin loves to design all day long, Don is passionate about building Inkbleat's name and finding new customers for our flock.

Sometimes it gets busy around here. We aren't currently hiring any fulltime staff, but are always looking for contract graphic designers to help us during peak times. Send your resume over and let's chat.

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